Location: The Resort at Pedregal

Wedding photography was essential factor when it came to prioritizing the elements of my wedding. I did plenty of research before making my final decision. I basically narrowed it down to a top 3 photographers, sat down with my mom, made of honor and groom and unanimously the decision was Daniel. My groom, like most men, didn’t see an importance in wedding pictures when it came time to determine our budget. I assured him that the prices very average for wedding photography. The day of our wedding Daniel first met the groom and groomsmen before the wedding to take photos and then headed over to the bridal suite and immediately began working. When I and a couple of bridesmaids came out of the bathroom to my surprise there were camera flashes from Daniel and his assistant. He said “paparazzi are here” I thought that was very comical! Daniel and his assistant were genuinely nice. I wasn’t expecting Daniel to have an assistant taking pictures as well. I really liked this because when we got the disk we were able to see different angles of one pose or moment. Daniel maintained a professional attitude the entire time. He was composed and made us feel at ease. I’ve been in weddings where the photographer is frantic and demanding but definitely not the case with Daniel. He certainly worked hard to assure he would meet our expectations with a confident and cool manner. My groom mentioned several times that he was so glad we chose Daniel and the decision was completely worth it. Daniel’s photos embrace character which is what distinguishes them from typical wedding pictures. There is uniqueness in the shots and settings he uses to capture a beautiful photograph.

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